MammaPrint is the first breast cancer recurrence test for early-stage breast cnacer in the world.

  • MammaPrint examines 70 of the most important genes that predict a cancer's ability to spread or metastasize and provide a binary Low risk/ High risk and these results are clear.
  • MammaPrint hepls doctor and patients make the most appropritate breast cancer treatment decisions.



The BluePrint 80-Gene Molecular Subtyping Assay identifies the functional molecular subtype for breast cancer, by determining the RNA expression levels of 80 genes that best discriminate among three distinctive subtypes.

  • BluePrint determine Luminal, Basal and HER2 types in the single test, and with MammaPrint can subdivide Luminal into Luminal A/B.
  • Molecular subytyping of BluePrint helps to determine the treatment that the most appropriate for each patient.




Treatment of adults(≧18 ages) with metastatic renal cell carcinoma Risk Factors associated with decreased response rates and median survival are:

  • A performance status of ECOG* 1 or greater
  • More than one organ with metastatic disease sites
  • A period of < 24 months between initial diagnosis of primary tumour and the date the patient is evaluated for Proleukin treatment.



Polyerga Tab.

Adjuvant of chemotherapy in tumor








Ruconest Inj.

Treatment acute angioedema attacks in adult with Herediatary Angioedema(HAE)








It's a suction mini-pump which painlessly removes all injected venom from insects(wasps, bees, horseflies, hornets, mosquitoes..), arachnids(spiders, scorpions, harvest ticks...), reptilies(snakes...), as well as certain rash-inducing plants