Supportive in Tumor Therapy


Even today, the treatment of cancer in humans represents a highly complex area full of uncertainties for the administering physician. At every stage of the disease and during the therapy, which place a considerable burden on all concerned, preparations which favourably support the treatment can be very useful.

In this respect, Polyerga
® is a drug which has been used for more than 40 years in the supportive therapy of tumors.

   * Polyerga® stabilises the immune system,
   * raises the patient's survival and quality of life,
   * improves the compliance of chemotherapy.


The reliable efficacy of Polyerga® has been proven in numerous controlled studies.
® contains biogenic peptides obtained from pig spleen using standardised procedures. Permanently, high quality and product safety are the guidelines on which Polyerga® is manufactured.  Polyerga® provides the physician with an effective support in the treatment of tumor patients.