Our Business

HyupJin has dedicated ourselves to develop and supply innovative and valuable drugs to the Korean market and patients. We always seek for collaborative partnerships and distributorships with leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

We always give respect to our partners and cooperate with them to achieve objectives for both. Having expertise in launching new items and profound understanding on the Korean market, we make every possible effort to make profit in a quick and efficient manner.

We cordially welcome your inquiries or interest to explore partnership with HyupJin.

For additional information about partnering opportunities, please contact our business development as follows.

Business Department
Jim lim
Tel : +82 2 877 6927
Fax : +82 2 877 6928
Email : jim.lim@HyupJinCorp.com


Business Areas

HyupJin's aim is to develop and supply essential healthcare products that satisfy evolving needs of patients looking forward to innovative treatment options.

HyupJin has specialized in the field of oncology/hemato-oncology for more than 20 years and we are in the process of expanding our business volume and have other marketing areas currently being promoted.

Strong Areas

  • Solid cancers
  • Hematological malignancies
  • Rare diseases

Areas being developed

  • Niche market products (ETC, OTC)
  • Medical devices for incurable diseases(supportives, diagnostics)


Our Competence

HyupJin has made every effort to improve company's capabilities for more than 25 years in the Korean medical community.

Sales System

  • Rapid work process
  • Support for efficient marketing activities

Development of MR's abilities

  • Routine training(min. 2 hrs/week)
  • Product presentation at clinics/hospitals

Regulatory affairs

  • Rapid process for registering new products
  • Well-established knowledge and know-hows In regulation of KFDA